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ý FACTEM Magnetic switch, inductors
Factem Magnet Switch, Factem Inductor








     In a large number of applications, controlling the movements of mobile equipment is vital to ensure operating


     safety for facilities and user personnel. The special features of Factem magnetic switches deliver unequalled


     operational and user safety.






Factem magnetic switch, inductor, 1927N,1919PS,1919




   No callibration


      The FACTEM magnetic switches do not require any calibration,un l ike mechanical  sensors.


      The system is simple tox install and will operate without maintenance for decades.



   Wide actuation gap

       The actuating gap between the sensor and the switch can go upto 150 mm.

       This feature allows large tolerances in the equipment installation.

       Because the switching point can be reliably triggered with a gap smaller than 2 mm, heavy mobile loads attaining
       dozens of tons can be position extremely accurately.




Factem Magnetic switch




  FACTEM magnetic sensors include two main components:the magnetic switch and the inductor.
  When the inductor comes close to the magnetic switch,the electric contacts in the switch are actuated by

  the magnetic field, causing the contacts to close.When the inductor moves away,the contacts either stay in

  position or return to their initial state depending on the type of switch.




   Reliable and self-contained


     The mechanism operates without any power source or intermediary mechanical system.


     This means FACTEM magnet ic swit ches provide an outstanding service life under stringent conditions.






      FACTEM magnetic switch mechanisms are enclosed in water t ight casings.


     Their outstandingly robust design guarantees long lasting protection against immersion.






      The mechanism is protected insidea reinforced watertight casing as a guarantee against intentional damage.


      This feature is particularly appreciated for appl icat ions located in public areas.




   All-Round Safety Solution


       Operating remotely, recessed or immersed, FACTEM magnetic control systems blend seamlessly into natural and


       urban environments.They guarantee the safely operation of your moving installations.




FACTEM Magnetic switch, Factem Inductor




Factem magnetic switch, inductor




   Designed for users in the heavy industry and materials handling sectors, FACTEM magnetic sensors are reliable

   and efficient.They are used for a wide range of control and command applications involving moving loads in demanding









   The Detection part of the FACTEM company includes the manufacturing of train pedals for the large companies like
   SNCF and Thalès. These entirely mechanical products are used on many railroad paths and stations in France.




Factem magnetic switch

Level Passages

Passage Detection


Axle Counting

Station Announce Buzzer





         Designed for use in heavy industry and handling sectors, the FACTEM magnetic detectors, reliable and perfoming,

         allow  the completion of a grand number of monitoring actions and orders charged with movement in difficult

         environments: detection of the track end, detection of the position and passage, observing the movement and

     the halt of mobile charges.




Control of Moving Carry Bins for Furnaces and Foundries

Magnetic Detection which traverses Material !




   The FACTEM magnetic interruptors are designed to

   Numerous materials are completely permeable to

   function in extreme conditions.Built in a robust and

   magnetic waves. This characteristic makes it possible

   performing box,the magnectic interruptor mechanism

   to use the magnetic detectors for monitoring or

   can resist agressive natural  penomena and continue to

   controlling the mobile equipment enclosed in

   function reliably.

    installations or in extreme conditions: extremely


   elevated or lowered temperatures, gas, liquids, etc.

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