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IBM Radar Level Sensor
Non-Contact Belt Speed Detector


Speed Detector

This device detects speed of the belt to the conveying materials such as ore or cokes and sets off on alarm when the belt malfunctions.
It can be protected against accident in advance by alarm when the conveyor belt slips or stops.
The existing rotary contact belt speed sensors are contacted to the belts and arise wear of belt by turning at a high speed.
Thus they had limitation of contacting detection like exchange of parts after using during some period due to shaft wear and bearing sticking.
However, this IBM sensor overcomes the limitations of contact method -detecting speed by non-contact and giving relay contacts below the speed the user requires.
Non-Contact Belt Speed Detector




  • Coal storage vertical conveyor
  • Heavy duty weigh belt feeders



     0.2m/s ~ 60m/s


     ± 0.1m/s

Operating speed

     62m/s, 3.72km/m, 223km/h

Ambient Temperature

     - 20 ~ 80 ℃

Data Port



     19~29V DC

Protection Class

     IP 65


     Housing : Aluminum Anodizing / Antenna : PP

Cable Entry

    #16 Flexible conduit

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