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IBM Radar Level Sensor
for extremely high temperature molten


Molten Level Sensor

IBM Molten Level Sensor

“The I.B.M. Radar Sensor” can measure in extremely high temperature applications by using narrow-beam millimeter microwaves directed into the hot zone inside the tank, through a small ceramic window.

  • Level measurement in a special environment (extremely high temperature silo, electric furnace molten, blast furnace level)
  • Penetrates the dust scattering during filling process of limestone, fine ore and powdered coal process
  • No damage by temperature because the sensor mounted at a distance from the tank

If the sensor was inserted into or mounted on top of a hot or pressurized tank, its microprocessor would not be able to withstand the temperature or pressure.

However, the I.B.M. Radar sensor can be mounted above a flanged ceramic window installed on top of the  vessels. In such a case it can measure the level without any divergence, unlike with some competitive technologies (e.g. gamma ray or x-ray).

The I.B.M. Radar sensor is not influenced by the amount of dust or deposits that would prevent other types of sensors from working. It is also insensitive to flame or smoke. It can measure levels of materials such as molten steel or iron inside molds, lava, molten glass, molten zinc, molten magnesium etc. It does not exhibit the difficulties stemming from beam divergence, typical of other types of radars operating at much longer wavelengths (6GHz and 26GHz). In this respect I.B.M. Radar is more similar to laser sensors but is not as sensitive to dust, smoke or environmental obstructions as lasers.


   Torpedo Ladle Car Level Measurement


Model IBM-MLT-010-A

    0.5 ~ 10m

Accuracy      5cm
Operating Temperature      - 20 ~ 80 ℃
Target Temperature      - 70 ~ 1,500 ℃
Output      4 ~ 2 0mA, 2 Relays(option)
Data Port      RS485
Voltage      19~29V DC


     7 bar

Protection Class

     IP 65


     Controller Housing : Aluminum / Antenna : Aluminum / Shaft :Aluminum/ Tilter : SUS304


    Produce upto 30m for special applications

Special Option: Waveguide - produced after seeing on-site, Ceramic (protection against heat -produced after seeing on-site)

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