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IBM Radar Level Sensor
IBM 3D Radar Sensor
IBM 3D Radar Sensor (IBM-2DR / IBM-3DR)
IBM 3D Radar Sensor
IBM 3D radar sensor

All the radar sensors being used today for level measurement in the industrial field only measure 1 point; thus it is hard to measure the level accurately in silos with a bridge problem. However, because the IBM 3D radar sensor measures the level by acquiring a maximum of 24 polygon data, the presence of bridges or uneven surfaces does not adversely influence its level measurements.
The IBM 3D radar sensor is not affected by dust, flame, fog, steam, etc. This makes it an ideal choice for use in solid silos with heavy dust. Its performance is further enhanced by its self-cleaning feature, which periodically shakes off contaminants stuck on the sensor’s antenna.


  • A large number of mapping points (acquisition of max. 24 polygon data)
  • Self-cleaning to shake contaminants off the antenna
  • Measurement not affected by the presence of dust and steam
  • Easy maintenance

Product Type & specifications

2D Radar Sensor


Beam Angle      4 degrees
Range      0.5~40m
Accuracy      +/-5%
Scan Range      90 degrees
Ambient Temperature      -20~80 degrees C
Output      4~20mA
Data Output      RS485
Voltage      19~29VDC
Pressure      7Bar
Material      Controller Housing : ABS / Antenna : PP / Shaft : Aluminum / Tiler : SUS304
Cable Entry      #20 Flexible conduit
3D Radar Sensor
Model IBM-3DR-40 IBM-3DR-40-N



Width     Min.3m     Min.3m
3D View      Yes     No
Accuracy      +/- 3%
Scan Range      90 degrees
Response time           90 sec
Ambient Temperature           -20~80 degreesC
Output      4~20mA
Data output      RS485
Voltage      19~29V DC
Pressure      7Bar
Material      Controller Housing:ABS / Antenna:PP / Shaft : Aluminum / Tiler : SUS 304
Cable Entry      #20 Flexible conduit, PF 1/2
IBM 3D Radar Sensor



IBM Radar Sensor Dimensions

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