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· Laser Sensor (YMS-MD)


· Radar Sensor (IBM-CA)

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Product Range


  • Apply for crane collision avoidance and distance measurement of any objects
  • Excellent accuracy using laser
  • Built in red pointer, aligned to the measuring beam to locate the current target.
  • 3 Alarm settings  
  • LCD window -  display data setting and measuring data
  • Selection of direction - up, down, right, left

  Installation : Daewoo Heavy Industry
  Technical Data

Model  YMS-MD-2600(V5.1)
Power Source AC 110V ~ 220V or DC available
Output Relay (Pre setting)

AL 1 - first alarm (Relay ON) - enter range
AL 2 - Second alarm (Relay ON) - enter range
AL 3 - third alarm(Relay ON) - enter range
Output of Red Pointer for installation

Range 0.5m ~ 150m (longer range is available)
Hysteresis 10mm ~ 50mm
Response Time 50ms~500ms (Adjustable)
Temperature -30℃ to +60℃
Display LCD MODULE(16X2)
Consuming power 5W
Eye safety Class 1

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