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IBM Level Sensor

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IBM 3D Level Sensor
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Silo Gauge(Sounding Gauge)
Capacitance Level Sensor
Float Level Sensor
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Distance Laser Sensor class 2
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Crane Collision Avoidance Sensor
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IBM Radar Level Sensor

  IBM(Intrusion Beam Measurement) Sensor, IBM-050-A, IBM-070-A, IBM-100-A, IBM-MLT-020-A, IBM- MD-010-A, IBM-MD- 020-A, IBM-SD-030-A
IBM(Intrusion Beam Measurement) Sensor

Features of millimeter microwave

  • Narrow beam line-of-sight propagation similar to laser beam
  • Not influenced by temperature, pressure wind or gas composition, unlike ultrasonics
  • Not sensitive to condensation, mist, dust or dirt - unlike ultrasonic
  • Can use any Al or steel plates as mirrors or plastic prisms for beam redirection
  • Focus adjustment by a lens (PP, PE, TEFLON, quartz glass etc)
  • Can be mounted away from a tank, looking in through small windows, unlike 6 or 26GHz radars


  • Silo level measurement for bulk solids, powders, granulates etc.
  • Level measurement for high temperature vessels (blast electric furnace, torpedo ladle car)
  • Tank level measurement for cryogenic applications (liquid nitrogen, liquid ammonia)
  • Beam Intrusion Detection applications (made possible due to very narrow beam 2-4deg)
  • Steel Process-Hot Metal Detector & Cold Metal Detector (works in heavy dust environment)
  • Non-contact belt speed detector
  • Large ship docking induction system at wharf side, in conditions of heavy fog and high salinity
  • Collision avoidance in fog for large and small ships
  • Bridge crane collision avoidance (especially in applications where optical methods are not feasible due to dust or weather)
  • Outdoor gantry crane collision avoidance, tower crane collision avoidance
  • Safety Area Sensor (2D Scan type is available by special order, Max. 270 degrees angle rotating scan)
  • Security Area Sensor (2D Scan type is available by special order, Max. 360 degrees angle rotating scan 10,000 m2)

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